Qiangli Jucai HD Products Swept Market in an Unstoppable Way !

Throughout 2020 LED display market, undoubtedly, HD (small pixel) has become one of the most popular products in LED display industry. Qiangli Jucai HD products, by virtue of high-definition, photo-free water ripple advantages, show a unique style in many different applications such as meeting room, TV studio, command center and so on. Qiangli Jucai HD products can be found everywhere.

National Big Data Laboratory


An Art Center


CBD Meeting Room


More other applications……

Qiangli Jucai HD LED display has won more and more customers’ recognition and praise. To meet the needs of customers in more areas of application, and also to bring large number of customers more shocking visual experience, Qiangli Jucai HD LED display has developed more and more products, such as Q1.5, Q1.3, Q1.2 and Q1. These products quickly go into our view, and what are the charms of them?

Let me explain in details.

1. Can deliver in way of modules, convenient for DIY
Qiangli Jucai Indoor full colors are all designed in 320*160mm standard size, and can be delivered in way of modules, can be used for DIY. The magnetic attraction installation can be handled easily, and meet a variety of indoor display application requirements.


2. Perfect matching MGLED cabinet
products can perfectly match with the MGLED cabinet, which is super light, ultra-thin, multiple usage, high precision, full front maintenance, supporting fast installation, and also saving more than 70% of installation space. All these points perfectly match customers’ needs.

3. Equipped with high definition high gray scale PWM driver IC
Refresh rate over 3840 Hz, no flicking, no water ripple, clear and smooth pictures;
Gray scale can reach 14-16 bits, display effect not affected by voltage, and picture transition is smooth and stable;
Can eliminate phenomenon of ghost shadow (including Text Ghost Shadow), dark first line. The pictures displayed are stable and quality is also better!

4. Equipped with Qiangli Jucai standard high quality LED lamp
Qiangli Jucai standards for LED lamp is high, so the LED lamp surface color difference is extremely little, LED lamp mixing is completed, performance is also better, stable, and lifespan is also longer.

5. Super HD display, large viewing angle
High resolution, high pixel-density, viewing angle above 160°, multi-directional viewing effect is consistent.


6. High strength module structure
Qiangli Jucai modules use thicker, stronger reinforcing bar, structural strength is high, so it will not deform easily. They can be assembled flatly and fast, and help to increase the assembly efficiency and display performance.

Qiangli Jucai has been promoting the HD LED display popularization and commercialization for a long time, and is always upholding the spirit of ingenuity, and is endlessly pursuing product quality and product performance. All these help to promote HD LED products upgrading.

Full hard work to forge soldiers, ingenuity to create fine products

Qiangli Jucai’s HD products promoting storm, who dares to obstruct!

Post time: Aug-11-2021