Buying Screen, Choose Universal Size Module

In LED display market, there is one phenomenon, that is when it comes to same pixel product, some suppliers may say ‘Our module price is how much less than others’. After comparing, many unwitting clients may find that looks true. However, what is the truth?

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Buying Screen, Distinguish Module Size

320*160mm size module is usually called Universal Size Module, and 256*128mm size module is called Small Size Module.

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By just appearance comparision, 320*160mm LED module is 56% larger than 256*128mm LED module in size. So it is quite unreasonable to compare the price only of a Universal Size Module with that of a Small Size Module, and this kind of comparision is also very irresponsible to clients.

Big Size Cheaper Than Small Size

To assemble 1㎡ LED screen, 19.5pcs 320*160mm modules are enough, while 30.5pcs 256*128mm modules are needed. From cost point of view, screen with 320*160mm LED modules is sure to be more cost-effective.

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For example, if Universal Size Module is 15usd/pc, Small Size Module is  12usd/pc, then for one module, Universal Size Module is 25% higher than Small Size Module. But when it comes to per square meter, it is 292.5usd/㎡for Universal Size Module, and there needs 366usd/㎡ for Small Size Module. It is quite clear that Universal Size Module is about 21% lower than Small Size Module, and the bigger the project is, the less cost  is for client.

Many Advantages of 320*160mm
320*160mm Universal Size Module is the most popular size in the market. As product upgrading is quite frequent nowadays, it can save cost greatly by just changing same size modules but not frame and structure.

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For one project, less Universal Size Modules are needed than Small Size Module, so cabinet assembling and screen installation can be faster. There will be less labor cost too.

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Applying Universal Size Module, project needs less supporting bars and easier installation structure, so the cost for structure can be lowered down.
By applying Universal Size Module can also reduce power and flat cables  usage for each square meter. Cost for screen can also be reduced.

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Besides, by applying Universal Size Module, less modules are needed. The evenness and flatness of the screen can be better and it is easier to make seamless splice screen.

It is really important to distinguish Universal Size Module and Small Size Module. BuyingUniversal Size Module can save a lot of money for clients.

Qiangli Jucai is the pioneer for promoting standard 320*160mm Universal Size Module. Whether it is indoor full color modules or outdoor full color modules, we apply Universal Size Module to help clients reduce cost and to provide clients excellent LED display experience.

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Buying LED screen or module, choose Qiangli Jucai Standard 320*160mm Universal Size Module!

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Post time: Aug-11-2021