Indoor P3.0 LED Display Module

Short Description:

Main Specification
Pixel Pitch: 3.0 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 104*52 dots
LED: SMD2020
Brightness: ≥450 nits
Max Current: ≤4.7 A
Pixel Density: 105625 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥1920 Hz
Port: HUB75E

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Remarks & Key Precautions

1.Indoor Q3.0 E can go with 640*480mm MG cabinet.
2.Indoor Q3.0 E uses HUB75E.
3.Temperature requirement:

  • 1) Storage temperature range: -10℃-30℃, over 30℃ needs to do cooling treatment. Lamp surface temperature(working period): ≤60℃, temperature control equipment is required to be installed when temperature exceeding the standard.

4.Humidity requirement:

  • Storage humidity range: 10% RH-60% RH, humidity over 60% RH requires dehumidification treatment.

5.Keep away from water: Indoor products have low level of protection, water can make the module short circuit, and leads to circuit device damage, so it is necessary to keep away from the water source.
6.Do not throw, push, squeeze or press the module to avoid damaging the display screen.
7.The indoor full-color display is mainly composed of red LED chips, green LED chips and blue LED chips packaged into a matrix of pixels, and then fixed to a plastic package
8.when the display is not used for a long time, it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the whole screen by 50% for 12 hours in advance, and preheat for “dehumidification” for 12 hours to avoid damage to the lamp tube after the LED screen is affected by moisture


Q3.0 E, Hotel, 6sqm

Q3.0 E, Hotel, 6sqm

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