Indoor Magnesuim Cabinet

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Product advantages

Front maintenance, no need to reserve maintenance access, 70% space save

Support customized system card, power dual backup.

Cabinet and modules separately design and install

Fast, seamless and smooth splicing

Modules upgrade only, no need to replace cabinet and structure.Easy and convenient!

Product Application

Widely been used in indoor halls, conference rooms, schools, airports, exhibition halls, TV stations, monitoring centers, command centers and other places.

Indoor Magnesuim Cabinet

Product Specification

Front maintenance/Multi-purpose/Separate structural design/Seamless splicing

Product model QM-Pro-08 QM-Pro-0 QM-Pro-1 QM-Pro-2 QM-E QM-SE
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.888 1 1.25、1.379、1.538、1.667 1.538、1.667、1.86、2、2.5、3.076、4 1.25、1.379、1.538、1.667、1.86、2、2.5、3.076、4 1.538、1.667、1.86、2、2.5、3.076、4
Module Quanity (L*W) 2*3
Cabinet Size(mm) 640*480
Cabinet Material Magnesium Aluminum
Cabinet Weight(kg) 9.3 9.2 7.8 7.8 3.2 (Cabinet frame only) 2.4 (Cabinet frame only)
Cabinet Flatness(mm/㎡) <0.2
HUB Board HUB320 Green HUB HUB320 Green HUB HUB320 Green HUB HUB75 Blue HUB / /
Cabinet power configuration 4.5v 50A(2PCS) 4.5v 50A(1PC) 4.5v 50A(1PC) / /
Application Indoor

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